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Add to your order the audiobook: Stop Being Lazy, How to Overcome Laziness, Defeat Procrastination, Increase Productivity, and Break Through Barriers Like an Unstoppable Bulldog.

Narrated by John Sonmez the founder of Bulldog Mindset. This book is a nice short listen, designed for you to learn the secrets of going from lazy to self-disciplined and productive. Comes with bonus content not found in the print book version.

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Passive Income Masterclass

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Here’s what you’ll learn in the Masterclass:

  •  The myth about “real passive income.” The true definition of passive income revealed
  •  My simple 2 step equation for “true passive income” 
  •  How a 20 minute YouTube video STILL pays me thousands of dollars
  •  The top 4 sources for passive income generation
  •  2 sources of income that AREN'T passive but nearly everyone believes they are. Don’t fall into the same trap
  •  If you want to retire with passive income — then you need to make this ONE thing your goal 
  •  The low risk and low maintenance method for passive income generation. It’s weird how everyone overlooks and freaks out about this method
  •  My Warren Buffet method of investing explained. It’s the method I rely on before I make any type of investments
  •  The #1 thing to look out for — when you invest in real estate
  •  Why you should avoid playing Mr. Handyman with rental properties. How it’s a waste of your time and money
  •  4 best ways to make big money in Real Estate
  •  My “Well that never runs dry” method for Real Estate investing and passive income generation.
  •  Exactly how much you need to put down — to maximize long term gains
  •  When you should buy a property with a higher down payment. Know exactly when to use this option 
  •  Should you do peer-to-peer lending? The benefits and costs explained
  •  Which route should you take first. Residential VS commercial
  •  What to do when a tenant refuses to pay rent. Avoid the mistake I made early on
  •  Why you shouldn't pay off a property early 
  •  Why you should NEVER do loans shorter than 30 years. And why it’s better for you to extend it out
  •  Should you get a property manager — even if you only have a single property?
  •  The one book you MUST read — if you want to become an expert Real Estate Investor faster
  •  Should you start an Airbnb or go traditional family renting?
  •  Whether you should hold properties in a LLC or avoid it completely
  •  How to choose the right property management company to partner with — so you don’t get screwed over
  •  Why the “set and forget” business model is a hoax
  •  The overlooked and forgotten way to start a passive income business
  •  3 fundamentals to start a profitable business on your own
  •  The 3 approaches you MUST take if you use traffic (hint: All businesses need traffic.)
  •  Where 97% of people fail — when they build their own business
  •  The formula you NEED — to make your business survive long term
  •  4 best methods to use for paid traffic and customer acquisition
  •  What to do when YOU’RE the product in the business (If you sell services or consulting)
  •  The two vital components you must have — to get royalties
  •  The real problem with low risk strategies — like stocks... bonds and syndication
  •  The #1 tool you need to have — before you enter into any syndication
  •  Your simple 4 step passive income plan
  •  My controversial reason on why you don’t need savings to retire — if you do it the right way
  •  How much net worth do you need — to retire TODAY?
  •  The 2 choices to grow your net worth in the long term
  •  4 steps for short term passive income and how to grow your net worth quickly
  •  The 2 critical steps you must take — to transition your business from active to passive
  •  4 essential books to read if you want to master passive income generation
  •  What to do if you’re 19 years old and want to escape your $14/hour job
  •  Is dropshipping a good use of your time and energy? 
  •  Is no money down deals a scam?
  •  Avoid “get rich quick” methods and concentrate on this one principle instead
  •  Should you get a “regular” job or build your own business?
  •  Go all in or wait before you invest into the market?
  •  Should you buy a bunch of residential properties?
  •  The #1 thing to look out for — when you invest in real estate
  •  Why I hate buying properties and starting businesses with partners
  •  How to find your profitable niche and start your own business around it
  •  And much more...

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John helped me build a multi 6 figure business in less than 18 months


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